Auxfun® Basic Sex Machines with many extras for every budget! The Basic Sex Machines are equipped with a 3XLR connector. These 3XLR attachments can be found via this link. That is not everything, there is more possible in regards to attachments. With a C0386 connector you can also use Quick Air attachments on the Auxfun Basic Sex machines.

Would you like an overview of all attachments that fit on the Auxfun® Basic Sex Machines? Then click on this link 

Euforia Basic Set
Donald Basic Set
Hetereo Basic Set
sex machine set Koen
Noir Basic Set
Bundle R-J Basic
Rene Basic Set
Sex Machine Bundle Stormi
Zorro Basic Set
Couples Basic Set
Boosty Basic Set


What is an Auxfun Basic Sex Machine?


An Auxfun Basic Sex Machine ( also called a lovemachine or sex machine ) is a sex machine from our lower-priced Basic line and is a device that is motor-driven. Attach different kinds of attachments to your sex machine, such as masturbators, dildos and other accessories. The Basic sex machine is fully adjustable to your own wishes. Set the position and height yourself. With the wired remote control, you can control the speed of the stroke yourself. Experience hours of pleasure with the Basic sex machine!


How does a sex machine work?

Our budget Auxfun Basic Sex Machines are easy to use. Every sexmachine is provided with a pipe with a 3XLR connector. On this connection you can easily attach all 3XLR attachments such as masturbators, dildos and other accessories. You can connect attachments with a different connection to the sex machine, for this you need an adapter. After choosing a sex toy, the sex machine is ready for use. With the supplied wired remote control, you can set the thrusting speed and experience an unforgettable climax in no time.


What is a 3XLR connector?

The 3XLR connector is the connection piece for connecting all 3XLR attachments to the Basic sex machine. Once the attachment is connected to the sex machine, it is immediately ready for use. The solid connection system ensures that all your attachments are firmly connected to the machine and do not detach themselves. The connector system is easy to use so you can quickly switch between the different attachments during usage. Use all your favourite dildos, masturbators or other accessories for an endless pleasure session.


What is a 3XLR to QAC adapter?

With a 3XLR to QAC adapter you can connect all Quick Air Connector ( QAC ) attachments to your Basic sex machine. Connect the adapter to the sex machine, place a QAC dildo, masturbator or other accessory on the sex machine and let yourself be spoiled.


Our affordable Basic Sex Machines

All our Auxfun Basic Sex Machines are equipped with a powerful motor. The sexmachines are made of solid plastic materials, the Basic Ukelele sexmachine is an exception, this one is made of stainless steel. The Basic machine is fully adjustable to your own wishes, position the fuck machine in your favourite position, set the height to your liking, with the remote control you determine the thrusting frequency. Below, the different sex machines are highlighted.


ST-0430 Auxfun Basic Sex Machine

This budget fuck machine is constructed of plastic and equipped with one tube to which you can connect the attachments. The machine is standard equipped with a 3XLR connection system, but attachments from the QAC line can be attached using an adapter. The sex machine can be positioned in different positions, set the height and impact frequency by yourself. There are 4 suction cups attached to the sex machine so the sex machine can be positioned even more firmly on a flat surface. The Auxfun sex machine comes with a wired remote control to regulate the thrusting frequency from a distance, up to 450 penetrations per minute.


C0357 Auxfun Basic Sex Machine

This compact sex machine is equipped with 4 suction cups which can be used to strengthen the sex machine on a flat surface. The machine has one tube with a 3XLR connector to which all 3XLR attachments can be attached. With an adapter you can also easily connect the QAC attachments to your sex machine. With the wired remote control you can easily control the thrusting speed, up to 280 penetrations per minute. Set the machine to your favourite position or height.


ST-0594 Auxfun Basic Sex Machine

This sturdy Basic sex machine has one tube to which you can attach all 3XLR attachments. With an adapter you can also simply place all QAC attachments on the machine. Because of the 4 suction cups that are attached to the sex machine, you can position it firmly on a flat surface. The sex machine is adjustable in height and can be positioned in your favourite position. With the included wired remote control you can control the thrusting frequency from a distance, with no less than 280 penetrations per minute you always cum!


Ukulele Auxfun Basic Sex Machine

This powerful sex machine has a playful design and owes its shape to the Ukelele guitar. The sex machine is equipped with a powerful 48 Watt motor. With the included wireless remote control you can adjust the thrusting depth, thrusting height and thrusting speed. The Ukelele sex machine can thrust up to 180 times per minute. Simply connect all 3XLR attachments to the tube or use an adapter and connect one of the QAC attachments to the machine.


3XLR Attachments for the Sex Machines

Our 3XLR attachments are specially designed for our budget Basic line Auxfun Basic Sex machines. Easily connect all attachments such as a dildo or a masturbator to your Basic machine. In our webshop, we also sell many other toys with other connections that can be placed on the Basic sex machine with an adapter. For instance, the Quick Air Connector, Vac-U-Lock and KlicLok. Below is a brief description of the range of attachments.


Dildo attachments

Change dildos as often as you like, that's how big our assortment of dildos is. We are constantly expanding our range, so there is always something for you. Our assortment of dildos consists of different types of dildos, such as vaginal, anal and double. We also have a wide choice of materials, like silicone, TPE and TPU. You will never be bored with the colours of our dildos; bright colours, different skin colours, there is something for all tastes.


Masturbator attachments

We offer a wide range of masturbators or pocket pussies. The soft material provides a lifelike experience. Do you want vaginal or anal? Everything is possible!


Basic Accessories

The wide range of accessories ensures that you can keep expanding. Attach that special sex toy to the suction cup adapter or reach that special place with the extension rod. Enjoy your sex machine even more with all our accessories.


Adaptors for your Sextoys

With our different adapters you can connect (almost) any sex toy with another connector than 3XLR to your Basic Sex machine. For example, connect Quick Air Connector attachments to the Basic Sex machine with a 3XRL to QAC adapter. Or connect the Premium KlicLok attachments to the Basic Sex machine with the 3XLR to KlicLok adapter.


How to maintain a sex machine?

All our Auxfun Basic sex machines are maintenance free except the Ukelele sex machine. The thrust rod of the Ukelele should be greased every 3 months. Are you using sex toys on the sex machine? Then maintain them with Toycleaner to reduce the growth of bacteria. For an even better experience, use our water-based lubricant.