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This KlicLok connector allows you to convert your sex machine to a basic 3XLR system. Connect all basic attachments to your premium sex machine. DISCREET packed and shipped!... Read more
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KlicLok to 3XLR Adapter for Hismith Premium KlicLok Sex Machine

✅  3XLR adapter to KlicLok®
✅  KlicLok® Connector
✅  Discreet packaging and shipping

Why a KlicLok to 3XLR adapter for your Sex Machine?

With this adapter you can connect all Basic accessories and attachments with a 3XLR connection to your KlicLok Sex Machine. In case you have or are planning to get a toy or accessory with a 3XLR connection for your KlicLok sex machine, this adapter is what you need. Simply connect it as a middle piece and you are ready to go!

Package including:

  • 1 x KlicLok to 3XLR Adapter

What is KlicLok®?
KlicLok® is the connection method that allows a connection for certain dildos to the Premium Sex Machines. The KlicLok system is unique because it allows you to remove the connector out of the dildo and instead use the suction cup. With the strong suction cup you can attach it to any smooth and flat surface. One dildo with two functions: use it in combination with one of our Premium Sex Machines and/or as a suction cup dildo!

Tips from our experts
For a more smooth and pleasant experience, it is advised to use a condom with the Hismith® Water-Based Lubricant.Extend the lifetime of your toys by taking good care of them. We advise you to clean the sex toys before and after each use with a special Toy Cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the toy, rinse it with water and then dry it with a clean and soft cloth. Store the toys, preferably separate from other toys, in a cool and dry place. This will prevent the growth of bacteria.


  • ALWAYS switch off the machine before (dis)connecting a part.
  • Never (Dis)connect accessories during use.
  • Always check that the attachments are properly connected.
  • Always follow the instructions in the manual.

Hismith will always pack and send your order(s) discreetly. Your package will arrive without advertising or any other textual or visual references that may indicate what the content is. Discretion is guaranteed!

Legal disclaimer

Connection type:KlicLok® Connector to 3XLR Basic Connector
Dimensions:8 cm
Weight:61 g
Packaging:Blank box | Discreetly packed & shipped
Barcode / EAN:7442138691676
3 stars based on 3 reviews
Jeremy Secoy
{"original":"De Hismith-verlenging van 30 cm was een geweldige koop. Het is niet alleen een stevig kwaliteitsproduct, het voegt ook veel meer positiemogelijkheden toe aan de hismith-machine die we hebben gekocht. De hismith-machine die we tegelijkertijd hebben gekocht, is al een veelzijdige machine, maar met deze add-on-aankoop is het echt een van onze favoriete speelgoed.","de":"Die 30-cm-Verl\u00e4ngerung von Hismith war ein guter Kauf. Sie ist nicht nur ein solides Qualit\u00e4tsprodukt, sondern erweitert die hismith Maschine, die wir gekauft haben, um viele weitere Positionsoptionen. Die hismith Maschine, die wir zur gleichen Zeit gekauft haben, ist bereits eine vielseitige Maschine, aber dieser Zusatzkauf macht sie wirklich zu einem unserer Lieblingsspielzeuge."}
Jeff H
{"original":"Het zou leuk zijn als je zou kunnen laten zien welke dildo's hiermee werken","de":"Es w\u00e4re sch\u00f6n, wenn Sie zeigen k\u00f6nnten, welche Dildos damit funktionieren"}
{"original":"Niet goed , dit stuk is niet sterk ... en dit verbonden met vaginacups kan breken .","de":"Nicht gut, dieses St\u00fcck ist nicht stark ... und dies verbunden mit Vagina Tassen kann brechen."}