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Premium Attachments for Sex machines

Have you ever reached your sexual limit? Our premium attachments are happy to help you. Whether you use them by themselves or in combination with our sex machines…. you are in for a treat with our 100% safe and high quality dildos, masturbators and accessories.

 Imagine, you have a long, free evening ahead of you. You wonder, what should you do ? What if you took out that unique dildo you ordered last week. Attach it to your tiles in the bathroom for a quick session or combine it with our high quality sex machines. Handy extension tubes and flexible springs for the sex machine give you a wide range of options. Of course, you could also use the vibrating double dildo with your partner. Perhaps the sucking masturbator for you as a man? It’s up to you. Which will it be?

So what exactly do we mean with attachments?

Well, the word attachment already says it. It's an extra piece that you can 'attach' to something else, in most cases these are sex machines. This can be a premium dildo made from high-quality silicone or a masturbator, but also other accessories such as suction cups, stands, flexible springs and extensions. By attaching these attachments to your sex machine, you immediately expand your options. This way you can make your sexual adventure completely personal according to your wishes.

And what is a premium attachment?

Our premium attachments are all intended for the Premium Sex Machines. These are attachments of the highest quality materials such as 100% medically approved silicone in all kinds of variations such as: colours, sizes, double, single, anal, vaginal, vibrating and non-vibrating. With our patented connection system KlicLok®, the attachments are easy to mount on your high-end sex machine. Because it is provided with 8 sides, this connecting method is extra strong and cannot be removed easily. This system is therefore 100% safe and solid.

Our range of unique attachments

Want to take your sexual experiences to the next level? Yes oh yes, you are guaranteed to succeed with the attachments in this category. These are unique attachments of the highest quality that you can easily click on to our premium sex machines thanks to a rock-solid ClickLock connector. You can choose from dildo attachments, a collection of accessories, adapters and masturbator attachments. Let your imagination run wild and discover what you can do with these attachments. Will you use them separately or will you combine them with your premium sex machine?

Our dildo attachments

A large part of our premium range of attachments consists of dildos. You have a wide choice of realistic, fantasy, anal, double and vibrating dildos. What is unique is that the KlicLok connector can be screwed out of the dildo. As a result, you can also use the dildo as a normal suction cup dildo on any smooth and flat surface. One dildo, two options: in combination with one of our sex machines and as a suction cup dildo! It should be mentioned that the quality is unquestionable good. For example, most of our dildos are made from 100% medically approved silicone.

Our accessories and adapters.

You can also very well expand your premium sex machine with one of the many KlicLok accessories and adapters. These are made from a durable, high quality steel and aluminum, for an extra-long life. How about maximum freedom of movement during penetration? With the flexible spring you have your hands free. By adding an extension to the flexible spring, you can place the sex machine in many more places. With the adapters you can attach your own dildo. There is also a Vac-U-Lock adapter with which you can attach your own Doc Johnson to the sex machine. And what about the various penetration options on the bed or couch with our sex machine stand?

Last but not least, our masturbator attachments

In order to offer everyone the most complete sex experience, we have also thought about the man. In order for you to turn your lonely moments into a great sexual adventure. In our range of masturbators you will find a series of masturbators with a KlicLok connector that you can connect to your premium sex machine. These pocket pussies (or in some cases anus) can also be used separately. Thanks to their unprecedented suction, thrust and vibration options you will have the time of your life. Did you know that we have a pocket masturbator with a moaning female voice?

How do you maintain your attachments?

Almost all our dildo attachments are made of high-quality silicone. This is a 100% skin-friendly and safe material that requires little maintenance. If you use our premium dildo attachments, accessories and masturbators, we recommend using our special Toy Cleaner. This prevents the growth of bacteria. To do this, spray the toy cleaner on your dildo, rinse it with water and then dry it with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even smoother experience, the use of a condom with our Hismith® Water Based Lubricant is recommended.

Why buy premium attachments?

Have you always wanted to explore your limits? Do you want to experience what it's like to have an orgasm after orgasm? Then we recommend you expand your sexual possibilities with our premium attachments that can be used by itself, or combined. Attach them on our premium sex machines and you won’t know where to start when you’re telling your friends about it. Everything is possible when you choose our high quality masturbators, accessories and premium dildos. And to help you expand your collection, we offer discount when you buy three or more pieces from this category. This way you can enjoy high quality, unique attachments for a very good price.