Premium sex machines for unprecedented exciting adventures!

Have you ever been introduced to a premium sex machine? Go for the ultimate sex experience with a versatile bed partner who is unstoppable.

Are you looking for an unbeatable sex adventure that will keep you talking about it? Do you finally want a bed partner who doesn't fall asleep after the act? Then the premium sex machines are definitely for you. This is the ultimate bed partner that won't get tired and spoils you in many different ways. Whether alone or with a partner, in the bathroom or outside, vaginally or anally. You are in control, it’s all up to you!

What exactly is a sex machine?

A sex machine is a fully automatic mechanical device that allows you to sexually stimulate yourself and your partner. Various attachments, dildos and other accessories can be attached to the device. After which you set the 'fuck machine' according to your personal wishes. Hard or soft thrusts, deep or shallow, a fast or excruciatingly slow vibration. All you have to do now, is take your preferred position and leave the rest to the sex machine.

And what is a premium love machine?

Quality. That's what a premium fuck machine is mostly known for.  So are you going for an ultimate sex adventure? Then you can go all the way with the premium sex machine. Our premium machines are made of extremely strong and durable materials and equipped with a powerful motor for endless pleasure. And did you know that the machines only make 30 – 50 dB of noise? That means your neighbors will not experience any of your bed secrets!

How do these first-class fuck machines work?

User friendly. This is how our premium sex machines mainly work. Because if you're looking for an ultimate sex adventure, you also want a unique experience, right? Therefore all our high quality sex machines can be controlled completely remotely via our app. With one push of a button, you can indicate how, where and for how long you want to enjoy. Moreover, you will have your hands completely free for your new bed partner. And with all those countless vibrations, frequencies, positions and various penetration angles, the time of your life is guaranteed.

What is unique about our sex machines

All our high class machines are equipped with our patented KlicLok connection system.

This is a 100% safe and sturdy system that makes it easy to attach dildos and other attachments and accessories to the machine. In addition, our machines are solid and strong with a weight of approximately 7 kilos. This way you can combine endlessly, firmly and for a long time. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild.

What are the differences in love machines?

The big difference between the machines is actually the difference in power and functionality. Our absolute showpiece is the HS06 APP, also known as the Pro Premium Sex Machine 2.0 Smart APP. This is the best and most versatile machine with the most powerful motor with 100 watts. However, our other premium sex machines will also do the job just fine. Just take a good look at the possibilities a machine offers to see if it meets your needs.

Expand your adventures with these options!

Do you want to make your sexual adventures even more adventurous? Then go for an exciting combination with dildos, attachments and other accessories from our range with a KlicLok® connection. Our shop offers realistic, fantasy, anal, double and vibrating dildos that you can connect directly to your sex machine. For example, with the suction cup adapters you can connect most suction cup dildos to the sex machine, including your own dildos. And are you the lucky owner of a realistic Doc Johnson? Then you can make your adventures even more exciting by connecting it to the machine with the Vac-U-Lock adapter.

Need more freedom of movement?

With a Flexible spring you are more flexible than ever. By adding an extension between the flexible spring and the machine, you can place the sex machine in many more places. If you want the most complete sex experience, we definitely recommend the Sex Machine legs. How about getting fucked on the couch, a chair or on the bed? Thanks to the extra height of 60 cm, the machine is easy to place in front of an object.

You can also connect masturbators to your sex machine

Do you have masturbators, vibrators or other sex toys that you would like to connect to the sex machine? This is possible with the Wrap connector. The attachments with a 3XLR connector or a Quick Air connector only fit on the Premium sex machines if you use an intermediate piece (intermediate piece 3XLR and intermediate piece Quick Air). If you happen to have a Fleshlight masturbator at home, the Fleshlight adapter will connect it to your sex machine.

Perhaps consider these alternatives

Lovely, those great high quality fuck machines, but what if you're not ready for that yet? Because you may be just starting out or you still want to try out a few things. Or maybe simply because your budget doesn't allow it. Even then, we have the right products for you! Our budget machines from AUXFUN are specially designed for this category. They are cheaper, basic love machines, excellent for beginners or experimenters.

How do you maintain premium fuck machines?

Although these machines are all made from the highest quality, low-maintenance materials it is important that they receive some maintenance. The most important thing here is that the machine should be smeared with grease at least once every 3 months. To be more precise, the  tubes to which the push rod is attached should be smeared.

When using the machine with your toys and attachments, we recommend using the special Toy Cleaner. This prevents the growth of bacteria. To do this, spray the toy, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. For a smoother experience, we recommend you use our Hismith® Water Based Lubricant.

Why buy a premium love machine?

Our fully automatic love machines do not run out on you and can spoil you in many different ways. Thanks to the powerful yet whisper-quiet motors, our machines will continue to pamper you until you have reached the ultimate climax. You can enjoy all kinds of angles, positions and thrust frequencies in a very varied and undisturbed way. Will you be the next to enjoy an endless adventure?