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Pro 1 fully automatic 4.0 Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok® connection and powerful Turbine LED motor and 2.5-inch screen LED control panel. ALWAYS discreetly packaged and shipped.... Read more
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Pro 1 Premium Sex Machine 4.0 Smart App with dildo and remote control

✅ Endless variation with vibrations and positions
✅ Controllable with the HISMITH APP or Remote Control
✅ Includes dildo
✅ DISCREET packaged and shipped

Experience your ultimate pleasure with our sex machines

It's a drizzly, cold evening and you haven't agreed to meet up with anything or anyone. You have all the time to yourself. What will you do one day? If you're honest, you're in the mood for some sexual challenge. What if you were to try out this new premium sex machine right now? You start to feel the tension and excitement about your naughty intention. Quickly you flee upstairs and undress. Because you know.... with the premium fuck machines from Hismith there is no stopping you!

Fully automatic love machine with powerful motor

But you can also experience ultimate pleasure together with your partner with our sex machines. Vaginal, anal, alone or in pairs, in the bathroom or bedroom, outdoors or indoors? With our fully automatic fuck machine, it doesn't matter, because it can do it all. And tired after his deed? You won't experience it like this. Because thanks to its powerful motor, it keeps going endlessly until you reach your climax. And without anyone having to hear about it, because the machine only produces 30-50 db of noise!

Endless variety? Our high-end fuck machines with APP control

Have you always wanted to experience ultimate pleasure under the sheets? Then experience our high-quality sex machines now and you'll never want anything else again. Thanks to the powerful 100W motor, our fuck machines go beyond where other lovers stop. Thanks to the different settings, you can vary endlessly with positions and vibrations. In fact, the machines can be controlled remotely via our app. There are countless different thrust frequencies available and you can even set them to your favourite frequency yourself. This leaves your hands free for your new lover. Keep those endless nights coming! In addition, the sex machine is also controllable with the speed controller with LED screen or the included remote control.

Let yourself be extensively loved by a sex machine

What woman or man doesn't want to feel extensively loved in bed? You can! Our lovemachines are tireless and go on effortlessly to give you or your girlfriend the ultimate pleasure. Weighing 11 kilos and made of stainless steel, aluminium and zinc, you have a solid base to eeuh... sit, stand, lie or bend on. Because with its unlimited possibilities combined with the pre-mounted dildo, adjustable penetration angle and our advanced app, it's all possible!

Lovemachine KlicLok® connection system patented

Unlimited back-to-back thrusting. That's what this high-end sex machine can do. Tirelessly and obligingly, it continues to climax. And then preferably one more time? No problem at all for this lovemachine. Because it can be used indefinitely in succession without overheating. The fuck machine itself is equipped with a patented KlicLok® connection system which allows it to be combined with various attachments and dildos. So let your imagination run wild.....
Order premium sex machine? Fast and discreet!
More and more women and men are discovering our tireless, powerful yet silent premium sex machines. Because we are one of the few to produce our love machines ourselves, we guarantee very high quality at a competitive price. We also offer a lot of service in addition to merely selling products. And these efforts are reflected, because on average, our customers rate us with a 9.3 as a rating. Will you be the next to discover her maximum bed performance with us? Fantasise is allowed!

LED lights on the Sex Machine 4.0

The Pro 1 sex machine 4.0 is equipped with LED lights. As you adjust the speed of the sex machine, the LED lights change colour, this adds a touch of playfulness and sensuality to your experience.

Make the right choice with the Premium Sex Machine and Attachments Guide

Make the right choice with the Premium Sex Machine and Premium Attach ments guide
Our Sex Machine Guide provides all the information you need about the different types of sex machines we sell. Specifications, options and maintenance tips our guide helps you make the right choice that meets all your needs.
In addition, our Attachments Guide offers information on the different types of attachments we sell and what they can be used for, along with tips on maintenance and cleaning. Whether you're looking for a realistic dildo, pocket pussy or Fantasy dildo, our guide will help you find the perfect attachment.

What will you receive?

  • 1 x Hismith Premium Pro 1 Smart App 4.0 Sex Machine
  • 1 x 3 in 1 Speed controller with LED screen
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Original silicone dildo (HSA12) View item
  • 1 x Power supply (European plug)
  • 1 x Protective storage bag for the machine
  • 6 x Anti-slip cover
  • 1 x Manual including step-by-step plan for installation. (multilingual NL/DE/EN)
  • 4 x Chrome stainless steel rods/legs
  • 2 x Chrome stainless steel T-joints
  • 1 x Allen key

Endless possibilities
Did we mention that with the KlicLok® system you can vary endlessly with the attachments? KlicLok® is the connection system used to mount the dildos on the sex machine. This system makes attaching and changing the dildos very easy. The connector can also be unscrewed from the dildo. This also allows you to use the dildo as a normal suction cup on a smooth and flat surface.

Discreet packaging and shipping
At Hismith, discretion is extremely important to us. The outside of the packaging therefore does not show what is inside. There is also no sender on it, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the products without worrying about your privacy.

Tips from our experts
Preferably use a condom together with Hismith® Water-based Lubricant for even smoother and more enjoyable use! You can extend the life of all your Toys by taking good care of them. We advise you to quickly and easily clean your sex toys with a special Toy Cleaner before and after each use. Spray the toy, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. This prevents the growth of bacteria. Store your toys (preferably separately) in a cool and dry place.


  • ALWAYS switch off the machine before (dis)connecting any part.
  • NEVER (dis)connect accessories during use
  • Always check that the attachment is properly attached
  • Always follow the instructions in the manual (if available)

Hismith will always pack & ship the order(s) discreetly. Shipping packaging without advertising. Discretion guaranteed!

Legal disclaimer

Dildo included:Yes
Connection type:KlicLok® Connector
Amount of attachments:1
Impact depth:3 - 15 cm Variable
Insertion height adjustable:Yes
Punch rate:240 punches per minute, 4 per second!
Thrusting speed adjustable:Yes
Operation:Control panel | Remote control | Smart App
Smartphone control via App:Yes
Engine output:100 watts
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