How does the new Hismith Smart App work?

If you have an Android device, open the 'Google Playstore', if you have an iPhone, open the 'App Store' and type 'Hismith' in the search bar of the store and then download the app. You can set the app to various languages, the app language is adjustable to: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. For optimal user comfort, we recommend that you set the app language to English, because the app has been fully developed in English. In addition, the app is mostly used in English, making it an 'active' platform where people chat and share experiences. Of course you decide in which language you want to use the app, it is very easy to switch between the languages. Go to settings at the top right and then select 'languages'. On the image you can see what the login page looks like. As you can see the language settings can be found at the top right.

Infinite pleasure

The app is very advanced and diverse in its functions, for example, 8 frequencies are set and different variants are added every day. Via the app it is possible to create punch frequencies and determine the speed yourself. It is also possible to have the machine operated by someone else, both remotely and at a completely different location. The app makes it possible that your partner still feels close. He or she can take full control of the machine. If you want to take it one step further, let yourself be seduced by the creativity of another community member on the platform.

Decide yourself

Create new interference frequencies and save them in the app, discover what works best for you and what you enjoy the most. Others can use the thrust frequencies you saved and vice versa. Users from the Hismith® Community can interact via likes, comments, chats, shares and much more.
Benefits Hismith Smart App
Controllable from anywhere in the world by remote control
Hand over the control to your partner, lover or be surprised by another user
Determine your own thrust frequency or choose from 100+ options that are available
Swipe control, determine the speed by swiping up and down on the screen
Learn from others by sharing experiences, chatting and other interactions
Always optimal enjoyment

For which sex machines is the application available?

The Hismith Smart App is available for all Hismith Premium Sex Machines. Click here to view all Smart App sex machines

What if i have one of the machines above?

You may already own one of our Premium machines, it might not connect to the Hismith Smart App. This is because the control panel is not suitable for use with our Smart App. The new system has a bluetooth receiver and the old system does not. We have put together the set you need. Click on the image down below to be redirected to the correct product.

Premium Smart App Besturingssysteem inclusief Afstandsbediening

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