Delivery time:
Orders that are placed before 15:00 from Monday – Friday are shipped the same day. However, this only applies to products that are on stock. Generally, orders are processed and shipped by PostNL or Instabox immediately after receiving your package and should arrive the next day. Orders that are placed in the weekend are processed and shipped on Monday. Your order is provided by the option to deliver your package at the designated delivery address or at a PostNL pick up location which is most convenient. In the case that there is no one to accept your package, the package will be offered to your neighbours. If this is not possible and the package cannot be delivered to the nearest package drop, your order will return to Hismith where a member of our customers service team will contact you to arrange for a new shipping possibility.

Postage costs:

Orders with a value starting from €45,- will be shipped free of charge within the Netherlands and Belgium. If the order value is under €45,- a shipping fee of €5,95 will be applicable for the Netherlands and Belgium. Rest of world orders are applicable to a minimum of €9,95 shipping fees. The fees vary per country and can be calculated on the order page. After placing an order, you will receive an email containing your order details including the track & trace code for your package. Our warehouse is located in the Netherlands. Normally, shipping from the Netherlands to other EU country's takes 3-5 days. Scandinavian countries can take 3-7 days. Down here, you can check the shipping time for each country. If your country is not in the list, please contact us. 


Delivery time
Under a order amount
Free shipping for all orders over
The Netherlands€ 5,95EU€ 45,00
Belgium1-2€ 5,95EU€ 45,00
Luxembourg4-6€ 5,95EU€ 45,00
Denmark3-4€ 9,95EU-0€ 50,00
Germany2-3€ 9,95EU-0€ 50,00
Austria2-3€ 9,95EU-0€ 50,00
Estonia4-6€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
France2-3€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Hungary3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Ireland2-3€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Italy3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Latvia3-6€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Lithuania4-6€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Monaco2-3€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Poland2-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Portugal3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Slovenia3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Slovakia3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Spain3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Czech Republic3-5€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Sweden2-3€ 14,95EU-1€ 75,00
Bulgaria4-7€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Cyprus4-7€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Finland2-4€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Greece3-6€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Croatia5-8€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Romania4-7€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
United Kingdom2-3€ 19,95EU-2€ 200,00
Andorra2-3€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Faroe Islands2-3€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Gibraltar4-6€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Kosovo7-9€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Liechtenstein3-4€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Malta4-6€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Moldavia6-10€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Montenegro5-7€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Norway2-4€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
San Marino3-5€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Turkey5-8€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Vatican CITY4-5€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Switzerland2-3€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Albania8-15€ 44,95EU-3€ 400,00
Bosnia and Herzegovina4-9€ 59,95EU-4€ 600,00
Iceland3-5€ 59,95EU-4€ 600,00
North Macedonia5-8€ 44,95EU-4€ 400,00
Serbia5-7€ 44,95EU-4€ 600,00
Armenia10-12€ 109,95EU-5€ 1.000,00
Azerbaijan5-10€ 109,95EU-5€ 1.000,00
Georgia5-12€ 109,95EU-5€ 1.000,00

If your destination is not in the table, please contact us for a price and delivery time.

* For non eu countries
The shipment is provided by us with the necessary customs forms, the customs and clearance costs are for the account of the recipient.

Discrete shipping. No details on the package.

We ship orders as discreetly as possible. The sender is RGC Fulfillment Company. Your package is always without printing and for this reason it is not possible for others to see what is in the package. This makes ordering from Hismith® as anonymous and discreet as possible.

Product not in stock.

Unfortunately it is possible that the item you wish to order is not in stock. The products on our website will always indicate whether it is in stock or not. However, in the unlikely event that a product is not on stock even though the website says that the item is on stock, our customer service team will contact you and will try our best to deliver the product within 5 working days. In the case that you do not agree your order will be cancelled and your payment refunded.

Orders placed outside the European Union

Hismith is not responsible for any costs arising with regards to import taxes or taxes not applicable within the EU. Costs incurred with regard to local taxes and regulations are entirely for the buyer. If you wish to know more about local taxes we advise you to contact your local customs prior to your order.

Did you know it is possible to pick up your order at our warehouse?

Picking up orders without an appointment is possible from Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 18:00. If you wish to pick up your order after 18:00 or in the weekend, please contact us and we will arrange for someone to help you. If you wish to get your product on the same day, we advise you to visit our showroom & warehouse in Zoeterwoude. Simply choose the option “Afhalen in ons warehouse” during the order process.

Visit & Pick-up Address:

Industrieweg 46-B
2382 NW

Adjusted delivery / No delivery during the following (holiday) days 2023

  • Easter Holiday: April 9, 2023
  • Easter Monday: April 10, 2023
  • King's Day      : April 27, 2023
  • Labor Day       : May 1, 2023
  • Ascension Day: May 18, 2023
  • Pentecost       : May 28, 2023
  • Pentecost       : May 29, 2023
  • Christmas Day: December 25, 2023
  • Boxing Day     : December 26, 2023
  • Old Year Day   : December 31, 2023